Don’t Paint Your Garage, Go Epoxy Instead!

With decades of experience providing better garage protection, a professional epoxy installer can easily attest to the value of protecting garage flooring with epoxy applications. Coating applications hands down cover surfaces more accurately, provide a better seal, and last longer in terms of durable protection as well.

Getting Started

Every professional application of garage concrete epoxy flooring in Ashville starts with an evaluation of the existing garage floor and its current condition. This is important because epoxy works best with a specific surface condition, environment temperature and application method. While there are plenty of do-it yourself kits available from big hardware stores, inevitably, people who go that route realize the hard way how much of a mistake it can be not doing the preparation correctly. It can range from a layer that doesn’t dry well to peeling and having to do the whole job all over again.

With a full evaluation complete, then comes the surface preparation. A garage floor typically needs to be cleaned, contaminants removed, and the surface etched for a good layer of adhesion and thick absorption into the cement itself. This approach ensures that the epoxy bonds with the cement correctly and, on curing, produces the durable surface that epoxy flooring is famous for.

Ashville Protection Benefits

Once epoxy flooring is in place, cured and finished, the results are impressive. The results can be resistance to spilled liquids and easy cleanup, easy to wipe up foot traffic and tire scuff marks, scratch resistance, stain resistance and prevents cement corrosion. Yes, cement can and does corrode.

Bare cement is porous and can be easily penetrated by water. When sitting water regularly gets into contact with cement surfaces, it starts to cause a crumbling effect. That in turn creates gaps and also allows cracks to develop. Eventually, the concrete condition deteriorates badly enough that it has to be broken out, removed and replaced. An epoxy flooring would prevent this from happening in the first place.

Why Epoxy? Why Not Regular Paint?

In terms of surfacing, paint is the last thing a homeowner wants to apply to a garage floor. Paint is good for wall surfaces and exposure to the sun with exterior paint. However, on a floor with a set of car tires rubbing against it regularly as well as foot grit, equipment, things dropped and liquids, paint doesn’t last very long. Then it starts to chip, peel and becomes a big mess. In most cases, paint on a floor might last maybe a year; epoxy flooring easily lasts close to a decade, if not longer, with good care. Besides, after all the work of grinding and prepping the cement, painting it would be an entire waste of effort.

Epoxy floor will eventually wear down, but it can be relayered again for ongoing protection. The ease by which it can be restored can’t be said about a repainting job or re-application of other flooring. In all those cases, a re-application would be an entire new production. With a garage epoxy flooring near me in Ashville, an additional layer can be applied right to the older layer, adding further protection to the cement underneath. It really is a win-win choice for flooring in Asheville.