Top Things To Do During a Commercial Property Fire

It is essential that businesses consult the support of a fire safety installation service and put together a fire safety plan, to be prepared should the worst ever occur. With this being said however, even with all of the safety equipment and training in the world, when a fire breaks out, many can lose their heads. 

For this reason it is critical that people have a clear idea of what the top things to do are, once a commercial property fire breaks out. Should such an event take place, here is what all members of staff should be focusing on. 

Small Fire Approach 

The fire safety equipment which is in the building is designed for combatting small fires, and if such a fire should break out, this should be the first step. Ensuring that they are using the correct equipment as per their training, staff can attempt to put the fire out. The moment that the fire grows too large however, evacuation is the first thing that should be considered. 

Raising The Alarm 

The reason why fire safety maintenance is so important, is that should a fire break out, the staff will be able to follow the necessary steps, with working equipment. If the smoke alarm is yet to be activated, the member of staff who finds the fire should raise the nearest alarm, and move towards the fire exits. 

Taking Customers With You 

As the staff begin to move from their workspaces to the fire escapes, they should make it very important that they take customers with them. This requires an authoritative voice, yet one which speaks with calmness and direction. No member of staff should wait en route to the fire escape, but they should speak loudly and aim to take as many customers with them as possible. 

Calling Fire Service

Most commercial buildings have fire alarms which alert the authorities the moment that it sounds; if this is not the case then the fire service should be called immediately. Once they have been called, it is important that all staff and management simply wait for the fire service to turn up and go about their jobs. 

Moving to Evacuation Point 

When using a fire safety installation service, businesses will be shown an area which will be used as the evacuation point in the event of a fire. This is where all staff and customers should move to once they are outside of the building. This is critical in helping to find anyone who had previously been in the building, to identify whether or not they were able to get out. The last thing the fire service needs is to go into the building looking for someone who did get out, yet who failed to go to the evacuation point. 

These are the core steps to take in the first instances following the outbreak of a fire. If it is too big to be tackled, the best option is to leave by the nearest exit, in the fastest possible way, without running and causing panic.