Can you find Scratchcard Games at Casinos?

Just to establish what we’re talking about, a scratchcard is an instant game or instant lottery on a small card, where one or more areas contain concealed information which can be revealed by scratching off an opaque silvery covering – visit Cozino.

Once you scratch off the covering, you’ll see if you’ve won a prize, much like on a slots machine. Alternatively, there may be a code where you’ll need to ring a number or log onto an app to see what the code means.

“The odds of winning are low, and as the players who buy the cards are usually unaware of the low return on their purchases, the lottery makes a large profit.”

Scratchcards online, and whether they’ve fully made the digital transition

Few people could argue with any conviction that gambling has not made a successful transition online. All you have to do is search around online for casinos to see how many are thriving. They’ve digitalised all our favourite games like poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and slots. Nowadays, we’re able to play them all from the comfort of our own homes 24/7.

However, are there still any elements of the gambling industry who are still choking on the dust of how quick everything else was digitalised? Well, you could argue scratchcards.

After all, the irony is that once you put scratchcards up online, you’re then not able to…well…scratch them. Should there be a function where you can search around your e-wallet for a penny and then scrub the covering off from the screen of your mobile phone? Probably not.

However satisfying that scratching was (apart from the silver dust getting stuck under your fingernails), online casinos have tried to substitute our base desires to scratch razor-thin films of silver latex from pieces of plastic by upping the bonus prizes available.

Essentially, they’ve done what they can with a pretty simple game that would be almost sacrilegious to over-complicate. It’s easy to access, easy to play, and not so easy to win. But that’s why you go back again and buy another card.

So scratchcards are online too?

Yes, scratchcards can be found on most online casino websites. Having said that, there’s really no pride of place for them on the main pages or sections of the sites.

“To apply casino terminology, it is a low roller game, accessible to all. Players don’t get dressed up in tuxedos or dresses to indulge in a spot of scratchcard scratching, although that’s something I just have to see. However, it must be noted that ‘high roller’ instant win scratchcards are most definitely on the scene, allowing you to wager hundreds per ‘scratch’. Knowing what type of scratchcards you want to play is the main part of finding the best place to play.”

Competing with the big-boys

Being honest, scratchcards are never going to get thrust into the online gaming spotlight, solely because they are what they are. They’re a pretty unglamourous and very brief time-filler between spinning some reels and hitting the poker table.

As they’re not the main attraction or a money-maker, they are just not seen as a priority for online casinos to take them seriously and make them into a major feature.

Never say never though. A fad, like fashion, is cyclical, and once one site sees a rise in scratchcard demand, others will follow.