How Can a Blind Person play Online Slots?

Many casino games are accessible to the blind. Normally, blind people visit casinos with a friend who will guide them to register and play without deposit. Poker seems to be the top game for the blind, where an assistant will whisper to the blind player what cards they are dealt and the rest of the game is played as normal, with auditory cues guiding us through the round.

The same could be done in Blackjack, where the cards being dealt are announced out loud. Roulette doesn’t cause issues for the blind too – all you have to do is place your bet and wait for the winners to be announced. But what about slots?

The nature of the game becomes problematic 

Slots aren’t the standard games that you would recommend to a blind person. As we know, one of the most important things in slots is keeping track of your bankroll which can become problematic to a blind person. A player could count the spins and calculate the balance that way, and they will surely know by the sound cues when they’ve landed a win. But how can the blind player know how much they’ve won? Keeping track of your balance becomes tricky in this case.

Playing with a guide 

One of the clear ways for a blind person to enjoy online slots is to play with a friend. The accompanying player can inform their blind friend of where they are in terms of balance and what is happening in the game visually. Slots are made to be enjoyed by everyone and even the blind can do that. The range of audio effects in the game is one of the most exciting things about slots. Big wins have an audio effect that is distinct from small or moderate wins. This way the blind player can enjoy slots just like they were intended to be enjoyed.

Alternative solutions 

Slots are generally accessible in the way that the game is easy to grasp and doesn’t require skill. However, when it comes to people with sight disabilities, slots still have many areas of improvement.

Globally, the number of people of all ages that are visually impaired is estimated to be 285 million, 39 million of whom are blind. Considering these numbers, it is about time that we saw some solutions to the accessibility of slots.

For example, if there was a voice-activated function in slot games where the player could have their balance and their wins read back to them by the computer, that would solve all the problems with slots for blind people. This way a blind person would be fully capable of playing slots without the assistance of others.


Slots can be played by blind people and fully enjoyed if it is done with an assistance of a friend but we are still not in the place to offer fully accessible slots for the blind. Where other casino games do not cause that many issues for the blind, the lack of sight can be detrimental in slots. However, slots are a lot of fun and it would be a shame for blind people to miss out on it. The voice-activated solution for online slots doesn’t seem too unrealistic, so maybe we will see that come into being soon enough.