Why Manchester City Won’t Be Stopped This Season

Of all the casinos online Canada has some of the best odds when it comes to sportsbooks, especially when it comes to the EPL. In spite of this, however, even Candian betting sites have Manchester City as the overwhelming favorite to lift this season’s PL title. In truth, this is something that is tough to argue with, and now that we are 7 games into the new season, it is time to have a look as to whether or not this will come to fruition. In our view, the odds are correct and there will be absolutely no stopping the Manchester side this season. Here is exactly why this will be the case. 

A Certain Norweigian 

Everyone has watched the rise of Erling Haaland for a number of years now, although surprisingly there were some doubts as to whether he would do well in the PL. After just 7 games, however, the striker has 11 goals and is dominating defenders just as most knew that he would. If City can keep this man fit then he will surely take them to another title. Even more worrying is the fact that Norway didn’t qualify for the World Cup in December, giving the striker a nice 4-week break mid-season to rest and train. 

Liverpool Woes

Despite how good Spurs and Arsenal look this season, it is unlikely that either of them has what it takes to push City to the end of the season. The one team whom we expected to do that again was Liverpool, and they are faltering at this early stage. Now, this is not to say that the Reds can’t push on, after all, they have been exceptional in recent years, but it looks improbable. Now if you look at any sportsbook from a casino US online, Liverpool is still the second favorite to win the PL title. Given the standard which City set, however, it looks like the Reds could almost be out of the race. 

Depth of the Squad 

On the face of it the decision to let Zinchenko, Sterling, and Jesus leave, especially to rivals, looked like bad business from the Manchester side. Indeed there has even been talk of doubts over the depth of this City team. When you look at what they have to offer, however, it would take a large number of injuries to truly de-rail this outfit. City not only has depth, but they also have players who can seamlessly play in a number of positions. Something that hasn’t been talked about also is the young players that the side has, such as Palmer and Delap who could play a vital role in the side’s season.

Ultimately it would be nice if a team like Spurs or Arsenal had a tilt at the title this season, but given the prospects of Manchester City, it looks unlikely. We simply cannot see any other outcome than the Citizens romping their way to another league success.