What to Know About CMMC

Various institutions have their own policies on what kind of cybersecurity measures they should have in place. However, the higher up you go, especially where government entities are concerned, those measures get really strict, really quickly. That is where CMMC comes in. Consider the following things to know about CMMC.

What is CMMC?

CMMC stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. It is a tiered system in which defense contractors or any organization with CUI, or Controlled Unclassified Information, must be vetted by a third-party assessor on a five-level scale to determine the maturity of their enterprise security to make sure they are practicing CMMC Compliance.

What is the Difference Between the Levels?

The five levels that are on the cybersecurity maturity scale are the levels that institutions working with the Department of Defense can apply for. The differences between all of them lie in how many requirements need to be met in order to be given that label. There are at least 190 requirements related to two different clauses across all of the levels that must be taken into consideration. In addition to that, depending on what level an institution is trying to go for, they must demonstrate that they meet different numbers of CMMC processes and practices.

What is the Importance of CMMC?

Anyone working in conjunction with the Department of Defense might also be dealing with sensitive information at any time. Cybersecurity has to be incredibly tight and strong to ensure that no information gets into the wrong hands. The Department of Defense has military secrets, gold codes, and other things that must be carefully guarded at all costs.

CMMC is not your average cybersecurity measure, and that is exactly what is needed. Keep this article in mind, and if you work for a business that works with the Department of Defense, remember the importance of CMMC in your line of work.