6 Services to Look For in a Commercial Electrician

When you’re having a little trouble with electricity, you may be tempted to whip out your toolbox and get to work. With the plethora of DIY electrical repair videos on the internet, fixing electrical issues may seem like child’s play. However, remember the electrical hazards account for more than 300 deaths and 4000 injuries each year.

As a business owner, it would be very insensitive to put your worker’s life at risk because of your business premises’ electrical issues. The more reasonable approach would be to hire a commercial electrician to do your bidding. That way, you can be guaranteed quality work, maintain professionalism, and preserve your workers’ health and safety.

Commercial electricians offer a host of services besides electrical repairs. Knowing these services can help you know whether hiring one is worth the money. Keep reading to learn about some services offered by commercial electricians.

1. Emergency Lighting

The health and safety legislation responsible for employees’ safety at work, dictates that all commercial establishments must have an emergency lighting system. This emergency system must comply with the specific building codes. A licensed electrical engineer must inspect the electrical system before it’s deemed fit for the commercial establishment.

What’s more, you must test these emergency lighting systems monthly to ensure they are up to the task. You’ll probably need a commercial electrician to test, inspect, and maintain these emergency electrical lighting systems. Every year, you must also arrange for an inspection of the full rated period of the lighting systems by the electrician.

2. Video Surveillance

When you can’t hire someone to watch over your premises, then let CCTV cameras like those seen here handle the situation. CCTVs are an excellent way to protect your investment. Although CCTVs are enough to discourage burglars from breaking into your premises, you should get video surveillance to up the ante.

Video surveillance systems need proper maintenance and installation to serve their intended purpose. You can only achieve this if you hire competent commercial electricians that are up to the task. This should be a no brainer if you set up shop in an unsafe neighborhood.

3. Testing and Inspection

Here’s’ the thing, even if you got the best people for your electrical installation, all electrical fittings deteriorate with time. As such, you need to schedule regular tests and inspections to ensure your electrical systems are in tip-top shape. This not only minimizes the chances of electrical failure, but it also ensures the safety of your employees.

What’s more, your business premises must comply with regulations stipulated by the state or risk closure. You’ll have to hire a commercial electrician to test and inspect your electrical systems. They will also check for any imminent problems and address them before they spiral out of control.

4. Lighting

The main reason for having an electrical system in your commercial enterprises is for the lighting. Lighting allows you to see what you’re working on and also dictates the mood and ambiance of the premises. With that in mind, commercial electricians do more than just install light bulbs and switches.

They also swap your bulbs for more energy-efficient LED variants. What’s more, they help with lighting design so that your business premises leave an unforgettable impression on any visitor. You can also switch things up to match with the seasons or holidays.

5. Switchboard Upgrades

If you still own an antiquated switchboard, then it’s improbable that it can keep up with the energy demands of modern technology. Old switchboards can get a pass for households and small stores. However, for an entire business establishment, you’re likely to experience frequent power surges and sporadic power trips.

The only solution is to upgrade your switchboard to meet the current energy demand. So who do you call when you need to do so? You guessed it; a commercial electrician.

Switchboard upgrades not only prevent surges and unnecessary tripping, but they also prevent electrocution and even fires. If you still have an old switchboard, arrange for a switchboard upgrade ASAP.

6. Alarm System Installation and Maintenance

Once you have the CCTVs and video surveillance on lock, the next thing you want to work on is an alarm system. An alarm system will help you prevent break-ins, burglaries, and unauthorized access. Plus, you’ll also save a bundle on your property insurance.

If you can land an excellent commercial contractor, they can offer you sound advice on the best alarm system for your premises. That way, you can rest easy knowing your investments and assets are safe and sound. They can integrate these alarm systems with your video surveillance for ultimate protection.

Residential Vs. Commercial Electrician

One mistake most small business owners make is hiring a residential electrician instead of a commercial one. While both know their way around electrical systems, residential electricians may not be well versed with three-phase power supplies found in stores, offices, and other commercial spaces.

At the very least, find a commercial electrician apprentice to handle the little jobs. However, when it comes to serious stuff like switchboard upgrades, you best leave it to a competent commercial electrician.

For heavy power demand establishment, you may have to call an industrial electrician. These electricians mainly work in factories, chemical plants, and the likes. Unless you own a mega-company, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need an industrial electrician.

You Deserve Only the Best

Now that you know the services you can expect from a commercial electrician, it’s up to you to find a good one and schedule an appointment. Remember, you deserve nothing but the best for your company. Hiring an inexperienced and incompetent electrician will do more harm than good to your electrical systems.

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