The Role of Petrol Pumps in Fueling the Wanderlust

Iceland’s petrol pumps have been essential in fueling the island’s tourism industry. They provide travelers with a reliable and convenient fuel source while on the road, making exploring Iceland’s spectacular landscapes easier.

Many of the gas stations in Iceland also have restaurants, so you can buy food or drink while topping up your car. However, some things to remember when pumping your car in Iceland.

As tourism in Iceland continues to boom, more and more people are driving around the country in search of its natural beauty and sense of adventure. As such, keeping your car fully fueled at all times is essential. This is especially true if you visit the country’s remote areas. To do so, you will need to visit a petrol station. These are usually marked on the road atlas or the map provided by your rental car agency. However, you should be aware that not all petrol stations are the same and some may not have any amenities.

In addition to fuel, you can also purchase snacks and drinks at most gas stations in Iceland. This is a great way to fuel your adventures and avoid getting hungry while on the road. Many of the gas stations in Iceland are also equipped with electric vehicle charging stations for those who want to travel green.

Petrol pumps in Iceland are self-service, and you will only sometimes find an employee to help you. You can pay on the machine using your credit card and then tell it which pump to fill your car with. Be sure to double-check that you are using the correct type of fuel before you drive off.

Top Up Your Car Before You Leave

If you are planning a road trip across Iceland, fueling your car is essential. The country uses liters and not gallons to fuel up, so ensure you have the correct change when visiting the gas stations.

In addition to a wide variety of fuel, many gas stations offer food, drinks, and other travel essentials. They also have equipment for checking the air and wiping down your windshield. Most gas stations in Iceland are self-service, so you must do all the pumping if you stop at one.

You should always check the color of the pump handle before filling your vehicle. Petrol pumps have green handles, and diesel has black. If you accidentally fill your rental with the wrong fuel, it will likely shut down, costing you money and time.

If you are traveling to Iceland, having a prepaid card is a good idea to avoid the high costs of using a credit card at a gas station. These cards are available at most banks but check with your bank before your trip to see if they will work in Iceland.

Stop at a Full-Service Petrol Station

Suppose you are traveling in Iceland, stopping at a full-service petrol station whenever possible. It is essential. These petrol stations are located throughout the country and are a great source of information about local attractions and events. They also serve as a convenient place to purchase food and other supplies for the road. In addition, some of these gas stations offer restrooms and showers for travelers.

When you stop at a petrol station, check your car’s fuel type before entering the pump. In Iceland, the pumps are labeled with a green handle for petrol and a black handle for diesel. If you mistakenly fill your rental car with the wrong fuel, it could cause damage to the vehicle and ruin your trip. Moreover, you must pay for the incorrect fuel before driving off.

In addition to fueling your car, Iceland’s petrol stations double as convenience stores and restaurants. You can find anything from coffee to toilet paper at these stores. Some petrol stations even sell Icelandic souvenirs.

Unlike in the United States, where customers must pay before they pump, petrol stations in Iceland allow drivers to fill up first and then pay. This system allows for more accuracy in billing and reduces the likelihood of theft or fraud.

Top Up Your Car Whenever You Pass a Gas Station

If you’re driving long distances in Iceland, topping up your car whenever you pass an available petrol station is a good idea. This will ensure you have enough fuel and save time, especially if you’re making multiple detours or taking several side trips throughout the day.

Most gas stations in Iceland offer self-service and attended pumps, although some only have automated credit card payments (the AO and OB brands) and no attendants. If you use these pumps, ensure your credit or debit cards have a PIN and can handle chip and pin (this will not be necessary at the N1 stations).

In most cases, the pump handles are marked for gasoline/petrol and diesel. This might not be a big deal for those from the United States, but paying attention is essential if you need clarification on the markings. The wrong fuel type can ruin your rental car’s engine and lead to expensive repairs.

While it’s rare to have no one around at a full-service gas station in Iceland, it is common for unmanned pump stations to be found outside of built-up areas. These usually include a large parking lot with equipment for checking tire pressure and wiper fluid. You’ll also find these places in small towns where you can discover a lone pump that is operable 24/7.