How can I calculate the online slots wagering terms?

Wagering requirements are the necessary small-print of each online casino. They’re there to protect the casino from people who want to sign up, collect every freebie bonus they can, and never play on the site again.

As a result, they tend to stipulate that potential monetary winnings have to stay on the site and played on certain games, or that you’ll have to deposit a certain amount of cash in order to withdraw money.

Essentially, as with anything in life that you want to understand, some thorough investigation is important. When you’re registering with an online casino, although you just want to spin the reels as soon as possible, it’s crucial to read the terms, conditions, and wagering requirements.

They lay out the ground rules for the site with the best online slots and you’ll need to understand in order to maximise your user experience.

Online slots wagering terms

Online slots wagering terms come into use every time a player gambles at an online casino. Every die cast, every reel spun, every chip places down on the roulette wheel – they’ll be terms of play for it all.

Knowing these terms of play is fundamental. The online casino uses wagering terms to establish whether or not a player must deposit a certain amount of money before he or she is able to withdraw any cash back out of his or her e-wallet.

Calculating online slots wagering terms

Although reading through the terms and conditions isn’t immediately appealing when you’re registering with an online casino, it will protect you in the long run.

If you’ve been trawling through dozens of online casinos to find the right one for you, all you’ll want to do is spin the reels and start making some bets. However, you must check out the terms and conditions of play first.

Anyway, working out the wagering terms isn’t as complicated as you may think. As an example, your chosen online casino is offering £100 for signing up. The wagering requirements in the terms and conditions is at a level of 3x. This means that £100 multiplied by 3 (slots wagering terms) = £300.

That means that you have to wager at least £300 before being able to make a cash withdrawal of any winnings. Before this turns you right off though, remember that you won’t need to wager this amount all at once. You will be able to wager smaller amounts over time to build up to the total amount of £300.

Protecting themselves to protect you

As stated above, online casinos need wagering terms to protect themselves from giving out loads of freebies and bonuses, then having the player opt out and sign up to another site. Therefore, although a particular welcome package may seem too good to be true, check out the wagering terms and then decide if you should take it, or whether you’re better off leaving it.

Ask yourself if it’s financially realistic to meet the site’s wagering terms. As an example, some wagering terms that reach up to 25x could well be too expensive for your budget.

The casinos protect themselves – you need to protect yourself too.