How to Get A Fire Safety Certificate

Any building built for residential or business use in the state of Victoria must ensure that they have applied for and been granted a fire safety certificate before the building is allowed to be used. What this certificate does, is certify that the building and the processes in place with regards to fire safety have all met the necessary requirements.

Over time, and sadly very often in the wake of a fire incident, laws and regulations are put in place which seek to ensure the safety of those inside the building. There are multiple facets to this regulation which will have to be checked prior to a certificate being issued. Once the certificate has been given, businesses are allowed to operate and the status of those protocols will be measured on a 5 year basis. If you are looking to launch your very own business, here is how to get your hands on that certificate.

What Are The Requirements For The Fire Safety Certificate?

In order to be granted a fire safety certificate in Victoria, there are building regulations to meet, and requirements around the behaviors and the equipment which a building possesses. With regards to the structural integrity of the building this is something which will be handled by the construction company which is completing the build.

Beyond this however, there are additional aspects which a building should feature. For example it is critical that anyone working in the building has fire safety training, that there is a log of this and that there is a plan to give annual refreshers. Fire safety equipment is also critical here and companies must ensure that they have fire blankets and extinguishers on hand where necessary.

Each area of the country has different assessment models with regards to equipment. For example when it comes to gaining a fire safety certificate Melbourne will send out members of the fire service to assess what is needed and where. These items will have to be purchased and placed by the business prior to the certificate being given.

Annual Fire Certificate Reviews

Gaining a fire safety certificate is not as simple as just applying and then being granted or denied. Once the building is deemed to have met requirements and the certificate has been given out, a plan must be in place to continuously monitor the fire safety status. Things can change very quickly within a building, with new members of staff and new equipment being brought in. These additions and changes will also need to meet the original requirements of the fire safety laws.

To apply for the certificate you will first need to speak with the fire service to get a full assessment completed, once this has been signed off you need to apply online for the certificate. Once granted this certificate will be signed off by both the owner of the business and the local jurisdiction. The reason both names are added here is for legal reasons, ensuring a level of responsibility is taken on by both parties, the government and the business owner.