From Point A To Point B: The Five Greenest Modes Of Transportation

There’s no doubt about it: transportation is absolutely a core part of our daily lives. And it is just as natural for us to find different ways to keep it as clean for the environment as possible. However, we must admit that settling for greener modes of transportation can be hard, especially when we consider a lot of options that go into why we need these means of transportation.

But with more people getting on the trend of driving less, we are beginning to see a glimmer of hope for the sustainability of our environment. So, with that in mind, we’ve provided this list of the five greenest modes of transportation to help you do your part in saving our planet.


This is the oldest and most original mode of transportation. Using our legs to get from one place to another is never a bad idea. If you know that your destination is within walking distance, then there is no need to drive over. Actually, walking comes with lots of benefits, too. For instance, it’s a great way to exercise and enjoy better health.

Your trip to see your friend who lives two blocks away can also be a great opportunity for a walking exercise. Moreover, if you live in cities that are notorious for traffic, you will find that walking is faster than taking a ride. More importantly, you get to see and enjoy the entire goodness of nature around you that you may easily miss when driving.


Using bicycles as a mode of transportation is not only green, it also has its health benefits. Riding bikes is much faster than walking, and it proves to be eco-friendly. Bikes have engineering that is being improved on a daily basis to help ensure that you do not use too much body power to get moving. While bicycles may be much slower than driving, they are perfect for long-distance commutes if you have the time.

You even get the added health benefit of toned calves that come with frequent rides. If you are planning to explore nature, a bicycle ride is also a great way to do that. You can feel the wind on you as you enjoy the scenery around you. Other bike-related modes of green transportation are scooters, skate, and hoverboards – so feel free to choose the one that works best for you. Check out Gary Fisher bikes for sale for quality options.


While buses still have a noticeable carbon footprint, taking the bus or public transportation is still considered a greener mode of transportation. A bus that conveys thirty passengers means that you have thirty fewer private vehicles on the road. Just like carpooling, public transports reduce fuel emission tendencies on our roads.

Furthermore, more researchers and scientific communities are constantly finding ways to improve transport systems, too, leveraging technology for sustainability. They are continuously working on greener modes of public transportation, such as electric trolley cars to ensure less pollution overall.

Rail Travel

As another form of public transportation, conventional rail travel presents as somewhat less green than buses, but we can all readily agree that they are much greener than flying. Trains are the perfect mode of transportation for long-distance trips, plus they also allow you to enjoy nature more than you can imagine.

Developed societies are putting more hybrid trains on the rails, and engaging more green technologies for efficiency. Recently, we’ve been seeing electric trains that use electric rails and batteries. They even travel faster, and as an added bonus, they are also very safe.

Electric Vehicles

Nowadays, there are more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road than we can count. Forgoing cars that require gas for EVs is an option most people never regret. Major car manufacturers even have hybrid electric vehicles for people who want the best of both worlds. They may cost a little more, but the safety of our environment is also worth the price.

EVs are fuel-efficient, eliminating the need for fossil fuels while giving you the comfort of a familiar gas-powered vehicle. Unlike years back, electric vehicles are now easier to access and charge. With numerous Tesla fast charger stations located around the country, you can have a full battery for an extended range of trips in no time – all for less than the price of a full tank of gas.

Greenifying Your Travels

Clearly considering greener transportation options has many benefits for our environment, economy, health, and even our budgets. We should all be considering ways to preserve our ecosystem, and green transportation is a great way to contribute to this process. Let’s start making those changes today.