Your Guide to Robotic Enhancements

You probably think of walking and talking robots when you think of robotics. Traditionally, robots are imagined as beings analogous to humanity. However, this isn’t the reality. The field of robotics is changing the way we live, but it’s not in the way that science fiction envisioned. Robotics has advanced in many ways, but one of the best facets of the industry are robotic enhancements. Robots aren’t just full walking and talking beings, they are parts used to make humans stronger, more dexterous, and better protected. Below is your guide to robotic enhancements.

Robotic Limbs

You are probably familiar with robotic limbs. When someone has lost an arm or a leg—for whatever reason—they can get a robotic replacement. These limbs are still expensive, they are getting cheaper and more accessible. Not only do robotic limbs provide mobility for people who have lost a leg or both legs, they can make the person stronger. It can change the life of anyone who has been living without a limb. Robots aren’t just their own entities. They are supplementing human capabilities.

Robotic Gloves

Another facet of robotics enhancing human life are robotic gloves. These enhancements can protect human hands from danger like heat, chemicals, and sharp objects. Robotic gloves are great for anyone working in a hazardous environment. They can make workers stronger and more dexterous. They can protect human hands from danger. With robotic gloves, you can do many things that you wouldn’t be able to without them. You can put your hands in extremely hot and toxic places. You can work with saws and blades without worrying about cutting yourself. Whatever the task, robotic gloves can help you get the job done.

Robotic Exoskeleton

Robotic enhancements don’t stop with limbs and gloves, you can even purchase a fully powered exoskeleton. This is a body attachment that doesn’t just protect the body. It can increase the endurance, strength, and precision of human capabilities. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cyborg? It turns out that isn’t far off. If you have the money, you could purchase a robotic exoskeleton that enables you to do things you could never do otherwise. Lift heavy objects, protect yourself from harm, and be comfortable while you do it. Robotic exoskeletons are designed to provide ergonomic stability and protection from occupational hazards when the person is being as productive as many.

Self-Driving Vehicles

You might not think of self-driving cars as robots or an enhancement to humans, but that wouldn’t be considering the whole picture. Self-driving cars are already a reality. Tesla has created fully autonomous vehicles that rival the stuff of science fiction. These are robots all their own and will change the way we live considerably. Self-driving cars will be an extension of humans, transporting us to and from, but they aren’t the only way that robotics is enhancing transportation. 

For example, robots are transporting themselves and supplies. You’ve probably heard of the robots surveying the land on the moon and mars. They are gathering information by traveling across the landscape of these celestial bodies. Robots are providing supplies to doctors and other people who need more time to do their work. Whatever transport, robots can handle it.

Visual Enhancements

Finally, robotics can provide visual enhancements. Whether it is to improve your eyesight, provide a heat map, or enable you to see ultraviolet rays, robotic enhancements are changing the way we see the world. People with poor vision can use robotic technology to narrow the gaps in their sight. In specific environments, robotics will enable workers to see things they need to see.

Whether it’s literally how we are experiencing the planet around us or how we are envisioning the future, robotic enhancements are facilitating the human experience. When it comes to how we work and how we live, robotics isn’t just providing talking and walking beings. It is offering a whole new world of possibilities. 

Humans can be stronger, more precise, increasingly dexterous, with more endurance and new capabilities. With improved vision, protection, strength, and power, cyborgs are already a possibility. How much we engage with the technology available to us is up to the individual, but there’s no stopping the infiltration of robotics into our lives.

Ryan Beitler is a writer and journalist who routinely covers technology.