Why Now Is The Perfect Time For World Cup Betting

Most real money casinos sites are already offering odds for this year’s World Cup in Qatar, but many punters are apprehensive to place bets just yet. This of course makes some sense, given that we still have a lot of domestic football to play before the event kicks off. The last thing that anyone wants is to back certain teams or players only for them to get injured or face poor form prior to the big competition. 

There is however also a case to be made for placing some bets now, and here is exactly why this could make sense for you. 

Best Odds

Generally speaking, betting odds are like airfares, the earlier that you invest, the better the price you are going to get. This is certainly the case with this year’s World Cup. If you check out any of the sportsbooks at NZ casinos, you will currently find that favorites Brazil are around the 5/1 mark with second favorites France at 13/2. These odds are all but guaranteed to shorten as we get closer to the event, and after the early games are played they will also come in if the favorites are winning. Now is the best time to get sweet odds on these picks. 

Taking a Chance With Top Scorers

It is most certainly true that individual players could get injured ahead of the competition, something which we have seen happen in recent tournaments. With this being said however the biggest players usually do all that they can to make it on the biggest stage. This is why you shouldn’t be overly worried about picking whom you think could be the top scorer this year. The best approach here is to hedge your bets. Let’s say that you fancy Mbappe, currently 9/1, but you fear he may get injured in the run-up to the World Cup. In this case, backing Harry Kane at 7/1 and perhaps Benzema at 12/1 would make great sense, as it gives you that level of cover. 

Nations League Set Backs

Whatever you make of the Nations League, something which is very clear to see is that it really doesn’t have much of a bearing on how teams perform at the highest level. We have seen this in both the Euros and the World Cup in recent years. You simply need to look at what England is doing right now in the Nations League, having just been relegated from the top division. This could mean that the Three Lions struggle when they get to Qatar. The reality however is that European teams just struggle to get excited about this competition and still use it very much as a friendly tournament rather than something which is highly competitive. The set backs that certain teams face in the competition could be a great opportunity to find some tasty and long odds. 

This is most definitely a great time to make your picks for Qatar 2022.