Longshot Betting For World Cup Group Stages

Do you hit online casinos and look for games to play, perhaps dabble with some real money pokies for Australians and spin to win? If so then now is the perfect time to take a little break from it, and instead focus your efforts on the casino’s sportsbook.

When it comes to an online casino real money can be won at the sportsbooks and there are several promotions that you can take advantage of right now to make the most out of the FIFA World Cup, currently taking place in Qatar. To help you try and win, these are some of our longshots picks for this year’s tournament.


Firstly a word of warning, that these are longshot picks. What we mean by this is that they may have very little chance of winning. The key is to bet small and see these as fun bets rather than bets you can almost depend on.

Germany Getting Out

When Germany failed to advance beyond the group stages back in 2018, having won the competition in 2014, the world was rightly shocked. The unthinkable couldn’t happen again this time around, could it? We think it won’t. In fact, given that Germany has already been beaten by Japan, and has the brilliant Spain to play next, despite this, we don’t actually fancy history to repeat itself. The odds of Germany getting out of this group is around 8/1, offering tasty odds for such a big team to advance.

Saka Top Scorer

Bukayo Saka has been in impressive form for Arsenal this season yet few considered that he may have a high-scoring World Cup. In fact, it was the likes of Kane, Neymar, and Mbappe who understandably looked the most likely to win the Golden Boot. Given how well England played in that first game against Iran, and the fact that Saka scored 2, the odds of him winning the trophy has shortened a lot. Even so, he is still 20/1 to become the top scorer in the competition. We fancy England to do well in this tournament and given that Kane looks to be struggling with an ankle issue, Saka could be the man to score the important goals.

Argentina to Win The Lot

Going into this tournament Argentina were priced at 4/1 to win the trophy, yet this has now changed given their early shock defeat to Saudi Arabia. Currently, you can get odds of some 9/1 on the Argentinians winning the competition, and we think that is longer than it should be. Prior to the game against the Saudis, Argentina was on a 36-game unbeaten streak, and that kind of form doesn’t change overnight. Argentina will go back to basics, come out of the group well and march on into the final stages of this prestigious tournament. We think that 9/1 could in fact be very tasty odds given how much talent this team has.

Which of our longshots do you most fancy?