Everything You Need To Know About Silicone Edge Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are high-resolution dye-sublimated fabric prints with a silicone strip sewn around the edges. These are inserted into aluminum frames with recessed grooves that pull the fabric, creating a glare-free and smooth display.

They’re a popular option for retail stores and trade shows. But they’re also perfect for bringing attention to a corporate event or pop-up store.

Easy to Install

In today’s fast-paced advertising world, capturing your audience’s attention can be hard. This is where silicone edge graphics (SEG) come in. These high-resolution fabric graphics are eye-catching and contemporary, with a bold look that sets them apart from other types of backdrops and banners.

SEG displays are a great way to add stunning imagery and messaging to offices, retail environments and trade show booths. Using dye-sublimated printing, they provide photo-quality images with seamless finishes. These graphics are printed on special tension fabric, edged with a thin silicone strip, and inserted into aluminum frames featuring recessed grooves. This creates a taut, drum-tight appearance that direct-print graphics can’t match.

First, install an SEG panel, unfold the fabric and align it with the frame’s edge. Once you’re ready to begin, pull the silicone strip and push it in a channel on the frame, starting in the corners. This method prevents the graphic from pulling in and causing ripples or bubbles. After inserting the four corners, start tucking in the middle sections. Always use a white cotton glove when handling the silicone to avoid scuffing it. This helps prevent your hands from becoming bruised or rubbed raw. It also helps control the silicone from sticking to your fingers as you work it in place.

Easy to Change

Whether you’re looking for signage to attract customers in your retail store or draw attention at a trade show, bold and eye-catching visuals will make the most impact. Blurry or creased graphics look unprofessional and can distract from the message you’re trying to convey. Silicone edge graphics (SEG) are a modern, sleek and effective way to grab your target audience’s attention.

You’ve probably seen SEG displays before—especially if you frequent malls or visit trade shows. These large, internally illuminated fabric display cabinets are an excellent way to showcase products and brand messaging. The frames are made with recessed grooves that accept a dye-sublimated fabric print sewn with silicone edges. The frame and image are then backlit with LED lighting for a striking effect that draws in shoppers and passersby.

These fabric graphic displays are incredibly easy to change when it’s time for a new look. The silicone edges slip easily into the recessed channels of the aluminum frame, allowing you to easily pull out an old graphic and insert a new one. This is especially helpful for retailers that change their merchandise regularly or corporations that want to refresh their branding at events.

Changing out a graphic is also a great way to test different messages and designs on the same frame to determine which ones drive more traffic to your location. Plus, you can use the same frame for multiple displays and event structures.


In today’s fast-paced advertising environment, standing out from your competition is more important than ever. One way to do so is by using the modern signage options SEG graphics provide.

SEG, or silicone edge graphics, are printed on special tension fabric and have a thin strip of silicone sewn around their edges. This strip fits into a channel in the frame’s extrusions, stretching the fabric taut for a clean and bold appearance free of wrinkles. The dye-sublimated printing process used for SEG graphics produces high-resolution creative that is clear and crisp, ensuring visitors notice your message to your business.

Whether you need to outfit your trade show booth or add flair to a retail environment, SEG fabric graphics can be a great option. Their unique, borderless design is a fresh alternative to traditional signage. Plus, SEG frames are lightweight and can be folded for easy transport.

The possibilities for SEG frame signage are endless. Businesses and venues of all sizes embrace them for their versatility, ease of installation and ability to stand out. Use them in hotels and sports arenas to enliven guest rooms and team offices with vibrant imagery that boosts morale and productivity. Or, use them in backlit frames to grab the attention of passersby with rich, colorful imagery.


Silicone edge graphics (SEG) are a fresh, modern way to communicate your brand message in a trade show booth or a retail space. They feature dye-sublimation printing on soft fabric, making them crisp and glare-free. They are also lightweight, making them easy to transport. This makes them ideal for businesses on the go and can be set up anywhere.

They get their name from the thin silicone strip sewn into the edge of the printed fabric. This is pressed into a recessed channel on an aluminum frame, pulling the fabric taut and resulting in a wrinkle-free, smooth appearance. The frames come in various options, including backlit frames, non-lit frames and guided LED panels.

The result is a durable, high-resolution display that looks great no matter where it goes. It is perfect for use at retail stores, trade shows and in a conference room. Its versatility means it can be changed with different graphics and messaging as you change your advertising campaign.

If you want a display that will impact your next trade show or event, schedule a consultation with experts to discuss how silicone edge graphics can boost your branding.