Call For Photos, Videos and Descriptions of Local Infrastructure In Need of Repair

It is time for us to create a national to-do list with regards to fixing the country’s infrastructure.  I want to kickstart this call to action by asking you all to take images and videos for me. What we need is areas of development which desperately need some TLC. Together we can compile a list of some of the most run down and poorly damaged pieces of infrastructure around the country. This will be about more than just a ‘look how bad this is’ project. We are looking at turning this into something of real substance which we can take solid action against. Who’s with me?


What I am looking for here is roads which constantly have issues or which are damaged. Also bridges which are falling apart, abandoned buildings, potholes, highway exits. Basically whatever you see around you that you believe needs to have some attention and some money given to it. Feel free to either take a video or a photograph. I will collect them all up and then categorize them by state. 

What Next?

Once I get all of this information from you guys the plan will be to first of all address whether or not anything is happening. We often see large scale projects rolled out that will use stimulus money. This may well be that your specific issue is already being looked into. I’ll let you know if there is already a plan in place to fix the issues which you have sent me. I will reply directly to you or upload some content so that you will all be aware of what is happening.

Planning to Fix The Issues 

If there is no plan in place to fix the issues which you have sent, we will start to put add some pressure. We’ll start with asking local government to take a look at it. Remember that we are always better as a team when doing something like this. I will need some support from you guys in terms of helping ramp up the pressure for governments to spend money and fix issues. 

Remember The Old 

The reason why I believe this to be so important is that we are obsessed with creating new areas of infrastructure. Yet, too often we do so and forget about what we are leaving behind. Instead of only focusing on new projects we all have to take responsibility and make sure that we are doing our bit. The key will be making sure that those older installations are being well maintained and looked after. 


Feel free to send your images or your videos to the comments section below this post. Once you have done that I will collect everything up together and then continue to let you know both on here and on social media where we are at with our progress. Rise up my soldiers of infrastructure repair, let’s fix this country up.