Ways Fleet Management Will Improve Your Staff’s Productivity

Productivity in business results in higher efficiency and an altogether better service for customers. Despite what some believe, higher levels of productivity also ensure happier staff, who feel valued at work. There are of course many ways in which businesses can breed this productivity and for companies which operate in logistics, fleet tracking software is one of the best ways to deliver this. This software is based on a GPS tracker which reports a huge amount of data back to a dashboard at the office. When this data is used right, these are just some of the ways in which it is able to help managers increase the productivity in the business.

Idle Time

Idle time costs money to businesses and no matter how little that time may be, over the year it is going to add up to a lot of lost working hours. This is a very simple metric to monitor and using this information business can better manage its workers to reduce idle time and add more revenue to the company.

Promote Positive Driving Habits

Poor driving habits puts a driver at danger, it risks the vehicle and it can cost the company a great deal of money over time. Thanks to information on brake pressure, acceleration control, speed of driving and even distracted driving, companies can better educate their drivers on what they expect with regards to their driving behavior. This encourages smarter and more efficient driving which leads to increased levels of productivity, not to mention a cost saving for businesses.

Better Route Planning

This fleet tracking software does far more than monitor drivers, it is also able to be used to better map out routes, in order to save wasted time on the road. GPS may always find the quickest route, but it can only do that at the hour it is asked. For example a trip from A to B may take 11 minutes at 1pm but 17 minutes at 4pm. The data crunched from hours on the road helps companies to better plan its delivery times, thus increasing both efficiency and productivity.

Incentivize Drivers

Drivers are not a lazy breed, they want to work and they expect that the business is able to set itself up in a way which enables them to do so. For route planning as an example, it helps drivers to avoid spending their shift sitting in traffic. Imagine what kind of mood a driver may be in if a supposed 20 minute journey takes 40 minutes because of poor planning. Following this, they are expected to smile for a customer and offer high quality service, which isn’t always easy. Fleet tracking gives drivers a better work experience and that increases their desire to work harder and deliver for the business and the customers.

As you can see, fleet tracking software has proven to be a revolutionary product for logistics companies and how they increase productivity. Find out more about how it can benefit your business today.